Frequently Asked Questions


Do you travel anywhere?

Villa Farm does not put a limit on where we travel to for events, however we do have a mileage fee of $1.25 per exra mile to and from our dispatch base (Wallis, Tx) after 30 miles of travel. Contact Villa Farm, 713-518-3024 for more information.

We can host the Petting Zoo inside the bus?

Absolutely! No need to cancel your party or event because of bad weather or no outside space. We can bring your guests into our bus where they can interact and hold the animals. Perfect solutions for people who:

  • Do not have access to property for hosting the event. (Apartment complexes, Condos, nursing homes, etc.)

  • Are restricted from having animals on their property for the event.

  • Or would prefer to not have animals on their property during the event.

How can I book with you

Please call Villa Farm directly at 713-518-3024 to book your event or send us an email at

What happens to my deposit if I cancel or reschedule?

Any cancellations made before and up to 14 business days prior to the event will be refunded the $100 deposit. You may reschedule your event and move over your deposit with the new event date once. A second rescheduled event will be considered a cancellation and Villa Farm will remove you from the schedule and you will forfeit your deposit.

Please carefully read the terms and conditions before booking your event.