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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you travel anywhere?

We have a mileage fee of $1.25 per extra mile to and from our dispatch base (Needville, Tx) after 30 miles of travel, and will travel up to 2 hours in any direction. For any events further than 2 hours, please contact Villa Farm, 713-518-3024 for more information and inquiries.

Can we host the Petting Zoo inside the venue or on concrete?

Absolutely! No need to cancel your party or event because of rainy/cold weather or no grassy outside space. We can bring turf with us for concrete or inside events. We can set up in garages, on patios, school gyms/cafeterias, parking lots, etc. Call Villa Farm at 713-518-3024 for more information.

Can we do an all Bunny event?

Absolutely! We can customize the animal selection to make an all rabbit event happen for you.

How can I book with you?

 All events require a $100 deposit, invoices are sent over email and contain links to pay with a credit card online. Please call Villa Farm directly at 713-518-3024 to book your event or send us an email at You can also request to book on our Pricing/Booking page. Online bookings are subject to approval by Villa Farm Mobile Petting Zoo.

What happens to my deposit if I cancel or reschedule?

Any cancellations made before and up to 5 business days prior to the event will be refunded the $100 deposit. You may reschedule your event and move over your deposit with the new event date once. A second rescheduled event will be considered a cancellation and Villa Farm will remove you from the schedule and you will forfeit your deposit. Final payments must be paid in full 48 hours before your event, or it can result in a cancellation of your event and the forfeit of your deposit. 

Please carefully read the terms and conditions before booking your event.

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